Stacy Kamin

2012 TSF Grant Recipient

Stacy is an extremely talented artist who exemplifies The Stobart Foundation’s philosophy that traditional methods and painting from nature are a vital legacy to the art world. She lives in California and is a member of the California Art Club and Oil Painters of America. Drawn to the dramatic effects of Rembrandt, Stacy sought out the instruction of two well-known masters of this knowledge—David A. Leffel and Sherrie McGraw.

In her own words Stacy describes this life-long obsession this way: “I believe art work is supposed to evoke emotions and feelings in human beings. When I see a great painting, it talks to my soul. Even if I can’t describe what I feel—when I respond to a great work of art visually—it speaks to me in a profound way. The reason I strive to improve is that the magic of capturing life on a flat surface will forever intrigue me. I want my own work to provoke such thoughts and emotions to the beauty that captivates me still.”

Recipient Work

Cathedral by Stacy Kamin


14 x 18, Oil