History of

The Stobart Foundation

In pursuing his own career, it was the practice of working on-site and directly relating to the model or nature itself and developing the finesse to capture a moment in time on canvas that paved the way for John Stobart’s own artistic vision.  The artist Stobart has said, “The habit of working regularly on the spot, if kept up throughout a career, will pay immeasurable dividends.  For the studio-bound painter, it will be a catharsis which can only result in adding life and vibrancy to future work.”

The Foundation realizes the seminal step for an artist to move from student to professional occurs when each individual artist learns to use their passion and sensitivity to shape the technical skills mastered as a student into a mature and independent visual language recognizable as their own.  This imperative step is unfortunately most frequently encountered just after leaving the protective environment of the academy, and before the artist has a body of work able to support them in the professional fine art world.  During this time of transition, with the least time and energy available to the fledgling artist to give the required focused attention on this important development, many deserving young artists turn to other methods and opportunities in the art world in order to make ends meet.  Recognizing this, the Stobart Foundation offers financial support to the qualified artist in the form of the Stobart Foundation Artist Fellowship in order to aid and encourage their development during this very important period.